jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010


Objetivo cumplido:
Moscu,India,Nepal, Thailandia, Laos, Camboya,Malasia,
Myanmar y Indonesia 
( 5 meses y 9 paises)

Vinimos con lo puesto y salimos con el vivido


2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hei Michelle and Luis. Loved your blog, even didn`t understand anything. Pictures are very good. And videos from mountains also- impresionante and escandaloso are understandable in any languages :D. From your videos it seems to be so easy to climb up those mountains. Love you and start planning trip to India and Nepal.

Kadri from Estonia(your travelbuddy from Myanmar trip)

micamilo dijo...

Hello Kadri, our climb to the Himalaya was fantastic. Easy, not so much, but incredible. We see on facebook. A special kiss